Early twin carb Knuck in VL Frame

Early twin carb Knuck in VL Frame
This is a fine example of KNUCKIN FUTTY! An early Bonneville Lakester sportin' a dual carb Knuck in a VL frame!! Gotta Love It!!!!

Refrigerator Art

Yoot #1 thinks he is an rteeest. So seeing as how he intends to be "performing his art" on Motorcycles and Race Cars, I'll post it here. Besides, I can't post this stuff on our actual refrigerator, he is stuck in a Skull rut right now and it scares the dogs, so be patient, I'll have him doing hello kitty art in no time!

1st attempt with an airbrush freehand..

Then he actually reads something in the books Santa brought him and learned that Pros do use stencils...

Then he got all froggy and decided to violate one of his t-shirts using a stencil that he made.....

Our deepest concern is for his poor dog Potter.... being all white and heavily medicated, the Yoot may one day consider him just another canvas.... That would be Knuckin Futty.