Early twin carb Knuck in VL Frame

Early twin carb Knuck in VL Frame
This is a fine example of KNUCKIN FUTTY! An early Bonneville Lakester sportin' a dual carb Knuck in a VL frame!! Gotta Love It!!!!


A fine Example of Knuckin Futty!! Lil Brother's Very Low 7sec/190+ MPH,  Blown, Methanol Injected, Big Block  (and now for the Knuckin Futty part...) BUICK..... While this is an extreme example of someone losing it and going Knuckin Futty, please keep in mind that  it didn't start at this level so pay attention to the warning signs..... 

This particular case developed within the rampant Chicagoland Street Racing Scene back in the early to mid 1990's. The Frontage rd along I-90 at the end of Plum Grove Rd, the road next to Jorgenson Steel in Schaumburg's industrial park, 75th & Lemont Rd, and then later the A&W, Swonney's, and Northgate Mall near Aurora. The car of the day..... also a BUICK...

A 2 1/4 TON 1969 Buick Riviera that in the early days of the affliction ran mid-low 13's on motor, and a bunch quicker on the bottle.
 (Note of clarification for those afflicted with "fast and furious faggot syndrome", "on the Bottle" "on the Spray" and or "he's Sprayin' it" all refer to the use of  Nitrous Oxide. "NOS" is a brand you movie wanna be homo's!!!!) I now return you to back to the subject.... . 

Once that became boring, power to weight ratio was to be optimized by the insertion of a Stage 2 Buick 455 into a teeny tiny 1978 Buick Skyhawk...... At the time it was primer grey and maroon until it was finally painted eye bleed yellow.... Lil Brother soon realized that friendly occifers actually had poor eye sight and that eye bleed yellow probably helped them out a tad toooo much, so it was later painted grey. In the beginning the car ran very respectable High 9's to 10.00's in the 1/4 mile and if you could carry enough fuel and hearing protection, drive it anywhere ish. 

But as the disease takes hold, there is no such thing as "satisfied" in the realm of speed. He then decided it needed a blower........

I forget how big the first blower was, but it certainly wasn't one of those girly street superchargers that fit under the hood. It was one of those mean knarly and nasty old school GMC roots type Superchargers. The ones that give nearly instant boost to the engine. Well that is where the chassis really said screw you jack, you want to put me through this, I'm gonna give you a ride you won't forget. Remember boys and girls, the chassis of a race car (or motorcyle for that matter) will only handle what it was designed to handle, and the initial chassis was never intended for brute instant torque. The Chassis man that built the original full tube chassis never took the Buick concept seriously and built a Chassis that was far more "Cruise Night" than "Race" and it it hardly handled the non-blown version let alone blown. The car often took the long way down the track "wall to wall" on several occasions.

By now poor lil Brother was hopelessly Knuckin Futty, and the car posted on top (and below) was build. Please Note: there is a very small amount of sanity left... He is at  least coherent enough to name it "Blown Income" 

Well that is the end of this story for now. If he continues to spiral down hill (easily determined by a 6 second pass down the 1/4), I'll keep you posted. And remember this is just the "rosy highlights" of the serious affliction. This insidious disease can and does contribute to assininity, leg wrastlin disorder, pig headnea, fueds, and even banishment's in severe cases. ;)

2013 update.... Blown Income has crossed into both the 6 sec and 200mph barriers. It is now the fastest Buick V-8 in HISTORY!!! Here are a couple clips from the Buick GS Nationals in Bowling Green Ky.

2014 update......  One of the silent victims of those who have gone  Knuckin Futty is the poor neglected "Better Half"...  Well, Sometimes it gets much worse than the surface appears and the Better half also goes Knuckin Futty... In the pictures above, the one with the Grey Skyhawk with cowl induction hood is actually the "First Wheelie" pic of Lil' Bros Girlfriend. Well, you know and I know what is going to happen, afterall, we are totally sane. BUT, those already afflicted never notice the writing on the wall. Yep, one wheelie turns into 2 and then the next thing you know it's not fast enough etc etc etc The "Cruise Night" chassis was straightened out by Rick of Rick's Racecraft in Yorkville IL and is now a respectable Race car...  Well she set ran her quickest and fastest time this past season and here is a video to show it.   9.45@ 145mph ... Lil' Bro gets to be her Pit Bitch lol (easy ladies... it is an inside joke ;) )